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ImpairMaster for the Web brings a whole new level of convenience to standardized impairment rating reports.

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With a proven track record of reliability and ease of use, ImpairMaster is now available on any machine that is connected to the Internet. No more CD's, hardware keys, or software updates.

The power of ImpairMaster is in its simplified impairment tree, an easy-to-follow outline of all rateable conditions. Clicking on an item in the tree brings up a page that lets you specify more details about the patient's condition. The report is built step-by-step, giving you the ability to see the final impairment value throughout the entire process. Reports are saved automatically for you, so even if you accidentally close the window, your report will be saved.

ImpairMaster keeps you informed of how it calculated its values too. No more searching through the Guides to find tables and figures. Simply hover the mouse over the impairment in question, and ImpairMaster will show you the associated table and page number from the AMA Guides.

When you're finished with the report, you can request to print the report on your printer, or send it to an interested party (i.e. lawyer, insurance company, etc.). It's as easy as clicking on the print or send icons.

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ImpairMaster keeps track of your reports in an orderly list. Next to each report is a set of buttons that provide the means to edit, delete, send, print and change the report.

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